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Ive been workin out with marcus sense the 7th grade. He saw something in me that i didnt see in myself. He pushed me to go hard even when i wanted to give up. Now i am going to Pitt on a full ride scholarship for football. Without marcus pushing me to go hard in the workouts i wouldn’t have been able to achieve this goal. We still have work to put in though.

Jiavani Cooley 


As my junior year approached gettin a full ride scholarship was the only thing on my mind. Sadly my season would be cut short due to a knee injury. I came to lewko tensity following the injury lookin to come back bigger, stronger and faster than before. Marcus didn’t disappoint as he got me better in each category which led to me reaching my goal and becoming a division 1 athlete despite missing my junior season.

Jyree Roberts


"I have always been active my entire life and before I met Marcus, I was doing CrossFit. I liked it but was missing something! I came to see Marcus and absolutely loved the workouts! Something different everyday!! He pushes me and I have been able to do things I never thought I could!! I am in the best shape of my life!! Thank you Marcus!! You won’t be disappointed!! Trust him!!"

Bethany Cage


"I went to Lewko Tensity before I headed off to the University of Nebraska to wrestle, and Everything we did at Lewko Tensity translated over so well into my training at Nebraska."

Jacob Vandee, Wrestling


"As both a football and basketball player I needed a sports performance program that would help me develop not only physical strength but also muscular endurance, power, speed, balance, flexibility, and explosiveness. Lewko Intensity has done that for me. Marcus works me hard and pushes me to my limits. The workouts are always different and challenging but he also builds us athletes in a way to prevent injuries. I have made so many gains since working with Marcus that has helped me successfully compete in two varsity sports while also helping me prepare for the next level!"

Blayze Myers, Football


"Before going to Marcus, I was around 270 and struggled to gain healthy weight. Since being there in may I’ve gained 20lbs in 3 months and feel stronger and more explosive. This is probably the best I’ve felt at 290 and this will be a  huge addition to my success on the field this upcoming season!"

Jaheim Bassham, Football


“When I first started working out with Marcus in 8th grade I never really understood what hard work was. He instilled the trait of hard work in me, not just on the football field but in every aspect in life. Because of this I’ve never gave up and kept at it and now have the opportunity to play football at the collegiate level. If you don’t commit to the gym how can you call yourself a real athlete?”

Eli Gibbs, Football


"Lewko Tensity has helped me become a more explosive, well rounded, and stronger athlete. The training is tailored to your specific needs and sport you play. I have made massive strides in my development as a goalie at Mercyhurst University thanks to the off-season and in-season training programs."

Cole Wisniewski, Hockey


I joined Lewko Tensity Training over a year ago for weight loss purposes.  Over this past year, I was able to accomplish my goal of losing over 30 lbs.  In addition, for the first time in my 48 years of life, I have established a healthy exercise and meal schedule and feel great about myself!  The workouts kick your butt!! I love that I can see how I’m increasing my endurance and getting stronger with each workout.  I love that I look tone and actually have defined muscles.  My trainer, Marcus is always there for me, motivating me and providing feedback.  He has made such a difference in my life that I now send my three teenage boys there for athletic training.  I have no doubt Marcus will make my boys state wrestling champions!

Kristen Komisaraki


Marcus is the real thing, athletic trainer, coach and mentor. I joined his athletic training group about one year ago. Over the year I got what I wanted enhanced body condition, endurance, increased body strength and athletic ability. I appreciate his solid understanding of how to physically and athletically train the body to respond efficiently when engaged in physical activities. Most remarkable is that every workout day is programmed with a different set of challenging exercises.

Terry Nicotra


Without Marcus, I wouldn’t have been able to go play and eventually start at a Division 1 program. I got stronger, faster, and my overall athleticism shot up through the roof. I would recommend Lewko Tensity to any young athlete looking to get the best in the business!

Jack Oedekoven


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